Sunday, May 25, 2008

Law and Procedures for Handling Bodies - According to al-Qur'an and As-Sunnah

Among the rights of people who are sick of the Muslims is to visit her brother and gave him joy. if the situation is getting critical, so people can visit to remind her to repent, pay debts and give testament. He can do it with meekness, not make her feel scared because was near death. People need to be strong out of sakitpun kezhaliman, begging forgiveness from all the tyranny and kind thought to God.

If the end was near, disunnahkan to people who attended nearby to guide him to say 'Laa Ilaa ha IlaLlah "and confronted slowly towards the Qiblah. If it dies, let his eyes dipejamkan, joints and accelerate pengurusannya dilemaskan while there is no benefit to postpone it. At the time when the Prophet of Islam through clues to determine the laws relating to it, such as bathing procedures, mengkafani, mensholati, and buried as well as take care of things associated with it. Even Islam has set the requirements that must be done by people who are sick until death comes, provision for the relatives of the deceased, as well as pilgrimage ta'ziyah grave.

To facilitate the Muslims who want to refer to the proper guidelines on how the management of the body so as to obtain rajih explanation about that problem, we thank God by Allah Almighty that we can publish a new and comprehensive treatise on the management body peeling, entitled "Law and Order How to Deal with Bodies According to the Qur'an and as-Sunna. " This treatise we have translated the Book of Janaa Ahkaam al-wa-iz Bida'uha, works great scholar Imam Muhammad Nasir al-Albani mercy on him.



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