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Al Fateh Mosque, Doha, Qatar

Al Fateh Mosque, Doha, Qatar

Al Fateh Mosque, Doha, Qatar


The Golden Mosque ,Manila

The Golden Mosque  ,Manila

The Archdiocese of Manila is located in Manila. It is the country's oldest archdiocese in the history. Apart from this, churches run by different religious orders are very prominent, too. San Agustin Church in Intramuros is one of the most famous churches in the place. The place is not only open for the Catholics but has been a place for other faiths and beliefs. Manila is a home to many Buddhist and Taoist temples, The Golden Mosque of the Muslims, Hindu temple for the Indian people and synagogue for the Jewish and The Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints.



ShahFaisalMosque-IslamabadIslamabad - this is the capital of Pakistan since 1963. As such this city has been highly beautified to match its importance. The gardens, the wide roads, the beautiful modern architectural designs - everything makes this city a pleasure to behold. Check out the Shah Faisal Mosque which is large enough to host 10 thousand worshipers at one time and the Dama-e-Koh which is one of the finest terraced gardens in Asia.


Pattern Islamic, Islamic art heritage

Pattern Islamic, Islamic art heritage

Islamic Pattern which is the heritage of Islamic culture is an art that wing geometry. The basic form used in this form are circular. With a circle can be formed of a square or an equilateral triangle. Combinations of these forms, will be obtained which can be repeated motif. These motifs can be implemented in a variety of needs such as ornaments on the walls of the building, the facade building, art in metal, wood, ceramics, textiles, carpets or minatur.
Pattern Islamic, Islamic art heritage

Islam in Europe has held kejayaaan beginning of Andalucia. Some of these historic relics located Alhambra in Granada, La Mezquita or Mosque in Cordoba, and the Real Alcazar in Seville. The author had the opportunity to study a Master of Architecture at the Universidad de Sevilla, Andalucia, Spain. So have some photos that can be used as examples of buildings that implement Islamic Pattern in the building.
Pattern Islamic, Islamic art heritage

Science held at that time is very limited, which is simple mathematics called geometry, but the architect is able to present detailed designs on buildings. Spiral shape on some facade of the building, formed from the circle by using the incorporation and reduction of form. For an example of how the shape is obtained, please read the article another writer with the title "Pattern Geometry in Islamic Art and Architecture in Andalucia, Case Study Alhambra in Granada, Spain"


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Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, Morocco

Hassan II Mosque, Casablanca, MoroccoCasablanca houses the third largest mosque; Hassan II Mosque. It is the largest mosque in Morocco designed by the French architect Michel Pinseau. This magnificent mosque has an ability to accommodate over 150,000 worshippers and is composed of world's tallest minarets. Also known as Mosque Hassan II it is the main tourist attraction and thousands of tourists from all over the world book their flights to Casablanca just to see the mosque.


Jamia Mosque, Nairobi, Kenya

The Jamia Mosque on the City advertise is the creation of the 1940s and it is a vast present building, equally impressive, built by using white sandstone. There is a dargha of Mastansab Wali on Cottonpet which is highly respected by Hindus as well as Muslims.


Great Mosque, Rome, Italy

Great Mosque, Rome, ItalyGreat Mosque, Rome, Italy


Masjidil Haram , Mecca , Saudi Arabia

Masjidil Haram , Mecca , Saudi Arabia


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Muhammad calligraphy



Muhammad calligraphy



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The Qur'an: A User's Guide|eBook

The Qur'an: A User's Guide|eBook
Farid Esack, "The Qur'an: A User's Guide"
Oneworld Publications | 2005-03-25 | ISBN: 1851683542 | 224 pages | PDF | 1,5 MB

Esack explores how the Qur'an came into being and examines its structure as a unique literary work. Blending faith, fact and an innovative approach, this is a concise guide to a major religious text, and invaluable insight into its role in the lives of Muslims.
Code downloads:


"Islam" (Eyewitness Guides) |eBook

Philip Wilkinson, "Islam" (Eyewitness Guides)
DK Publishing (2002) | English | ISBN: 0789488701 | 67 pages | PDF | 11 MB

Discover the faith, culture, and history that has shaped the modern Islamic world. Explore the traditions, culture, and history of Islam with this stunning in-depth look at the complex world of one of the world's greatest religions. Artifacts, sacred objects and modern-day photographs combine to provide the dramatic level of detail for which the Eyewitness series is known.

Code Downloads:


Know Islamic War Ship Type

Along the development of navigation technology, shipbuilding technology was growing rapidly in the Islamic world. Technology is shipping the world's largest industrial power in the Middle Ages. At that time, Muslims have so many ports are crowded and dense.

And along the coastal cities of Islam many centers established manufacturing and assembly ship. Every Muslim country with a model ship and create different types. In addition to creating the vessel for purposes of trade, in this era of Muslims are also aggressively making warships.


Nine Sword of the Prophet Muhammad (part 4)

 Sword of the Prophet Muhammad
7. Al Rasub
Some say that the sword was kept in the house of Muhammad by his family and relatives like the Ark (Ark) that are stored by Israel

Now the sword is in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Shaped blade with a length of 140 cm, has a gold sphere in which there are carvings of the Arabic script that reads: 'Ja'far al-Sadiq'.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).
8.Al Qadib
 Sword of the Prophet Muhammad
Al-Qadib thin blade-shaped so that it can be said is similar to a stick. This is a sword for the defense when traveling, but not used for warfare. Written by the sword of silver engraving which reads the creed: "There is no god but Allah, Muhammad Rasool Allah - Muhammad bin Abdallah bin Abd al-Mutalib." There is no indication in any historical source that this sword was used in warfare. This sword was in the house of Muhammad and then only used by the Fatimid caliphs.

Now the sword is in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Its length is 100 cm and has a scabbard of dyed animal skins.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).

 Sword of the Prophet Muhammad

This sword is known as "Qal'i" or "Qul'ay." The name may be associated with a place in Syria or a place near the Indian Chinese. Clerics of other countries that the word "qal'i" refers to "lead" or "white lead" which in the mines various locations. This sword is one of the three swords of the Prophet Muhammad gained as booty from the Banu Qaynaqa. There also are reports that the grandfather of Prophet Muhammad SAW to find this sword when he found the water of Zamzam in Mecca.

Now the sword is in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Shaped blade with a length of 100 cm. Inside there are carved in Arabic reads: "This is the sword of glory from the house of the Prophet Muhammad, the Messenger of Allah." This sword is different from the others because this sword has a design wave-shaped.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


Nine Sword of the Prophet Muhammad (part3)

Sword of the Prophet Muhammad
 Hatf is a sword of the Prophet Muhammad as booty from the Banu Qaynaqa results. It was narrated that the Prophet David, the U.S. took the sword 'Al Battar' from Goliath as booty when he defeated Goliath at the time of age 20 years. Almighty Allah gave to Prophet David, the U.S. capability to 'work' with the iron, making armor, weapons and armaments, and he also makes his own weapon. And Hatf is one of the homemade, like Al Battar but bigger than that. He uses this sword is then stored by the Levite tribe (the tribe that holds these weapons Israeli goods) and finally got into the hands of Prophet Muhammad

Now the sword is in Musemum Topkapi, Istanbul. Shaped blade, length 112 cm and width 8 cm.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992)

6.Al Mikhdham
Sword of the Prophet Muhammad

There is news that the sword is from the Prophet Muhammad who was later awarded to Ali ibn Abi Talib and forwarded to her children Ali. But there is another word that is derived from the sword of Ali ibn Abi Talib as a result of the attacks that he loot the leadership in Syria.

Now the sword is in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Shaped blade with a length of 97 cm, and have carved Arabic inscriptions which read: 'Zayn al-Din al-Abidin'.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992)


Nine Sword of the Prophet Muhammad (part two)

Sword of the Prophet MuhammadSword of the Prophet Muhammad
Al Battar is a sword of the Prophet Muhammad as booty from the Banu Qaynaqa results. The sword is called "The sword of the prophets ', and in carving swords have Arabic writing that reads:' The Prophet David, the U.S., the U.S. Solomon, Prophet Musa, U.S. Aaron, Prophet Yusuf, Prophet Zachariah the U.S., the U.S. John , Prophet Isa, the Prophet Muhammad '. Inside there are also pictures of David from the U.S. when cut Goliath's head, people who have this sword in the beginning. In this sword there are also writings that are identified as Nabataean writings.
Sword of the Prophet Muhammad

Now the sword is in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Shaped blade with a length of 101 cm. It is rumored that the sword of the Prophet Isa will be used later when he came down to earth again to defeat the Antichrist.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


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Islamic Economics - A Short History

Ahmed A.F. El-Ashker & Rodney Wilson, "Islamic Economics - A Short History"
Leiden-Boston | ISBN-13: 978-90-04-15134-5 | 450 Pages | Pdf | 2,2 Mb

Comparing the often sorry reality of the present day Islamic World with the Islamic World of yesterday with its many achievements, when Muslim governments were powerful and setbacks less disasterous, provides us, with the benefit of hindsight, rich empirical evidence and lessons to derive conclusions from. Historical evidence should be treated with caution however, as history has inherent distortions when it comes to extracting evidence, as the prevailing conditions of the past may differ from those dominant in the present. 
History contains useful lessons to be learned, however, providing that this be received with an examining mind and an inquisitive attitude. In Islamic economics, historical examination can tell us that the Islamic system per se has the capability of providing an operational norm and the workable model, as long as the surrounding environment was helpful. As the present is an unbroken chain with the past, it is, in a similar historical fashion, a continual link with the future. And Islamic economics, in a historical sense, is no exception.


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A History of Medieval Islam

A History of Medieval Islam

Dr. Johnson, commenting in one of the Ramblers on the oblivion which overtook Richard Knolles’ Generall Historie of the Turkes (1603), despite its literary merits, explained this neglect on the ground that the author ‘employed his genius upon a foreign and uninteresting subject’ and recounted ‘enterprises and revolutions of which none desire to be informed.’ Indifference to Oriental history among the educated public of the West still exists, but is diminishing, and more ‘desire to be informed’ of the relations between Europe and Islam throughout the ages. Such recent works as Dr. Norman Daniel’s Islam and the West (1960) and Professor R.W. Southern’s Western Views of Islam in the Middle Ages (1962) provide striking evidence of the wider perspectives now being opened up, and as our historians cease to be Europe-centred and devote more attention to the nature and evolution of non-European societies, we may expect the history of the Muslim East to be studied with increasingly critical care.


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The example of two friends

Allah has given us another opportunity to share with each other some advice which will remind us about the purpose of our lives inshallah. These advice are written and posted by Muslim youths just like you.
Our belief in Allah needs to be strong and solid. Right now if I were to ask you "Is there a ground under you?" You would without a doubt say yes. Then if I asked "Is there a sky above you?" You would reply yes again without a doubt. Our belief in Allah should be so strong that if I was to ask "Is Allah watching you right now?" Without a doubt you should say yes. This type of belief doesn't come by sitting at home and doing nothing. We must work for it. Allah the Almighty has said in the Holy Quran: As for those who strive hard ``in Us`` (Our Cause), We will surely, guide them to Our Paths. (Surah Ankabut: 69).


Making use of our youth-Advice to the Youth

allah picture-islamicDear friends, if Allah gives us 60 years to live then it comes to around 22,000 days (60x365). All these days Allah gives us to prepare for one day of interview with Allah. That is on the Day of Judgement. On that day, Allah will ask us some questions and He wants some correct answers. Allah is so merciful that He already told us what the questions will be through Quran and Ahadith. His mercy is so great that He even told us the answers to these questions. Now imagine, a student goes to write an exam. He opens his exam paper and finds the questions on one side. Then he finds that the answers to the questions are on the other side. Now after writting the exam, if this student still fails then what would we think of him? We would think that he is the dumbest person around. Well, tell you what, on the Day of Judgement, us people who knew the questions and answers will still fail! That is why, this is the time to wake up before we prove ourselves to be the dumbest of people.

Youth is the prime time of our lives. This is where people make important decisions like what to become in the future. Things you do in this time will most likely affect you throughout the rest of your life. That is why, it is important to bring Islam into your life during these days. Many people have the conception that when they get old then they will start practising Islam. Probably you and me also have this feeling. But look at it this way:


The meaning of the word Allah in the Qur'an

Allah picture
Allah is the unique name of God in Islam. The word in Arabic means the one and only God, or the one who alone is worthy of being worshiped. Allah has described Himself with various names and attributes in the Qur'an; among them are: the One, the eternally Alive, the Self-subsisting Source of all beings, the Incomparable, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, the Source of Peace, the Compassionate and the Merciful, etc. Allah is the unique name of God in Islam. The word in Arabic means the one and only God, or the one who alone is worthy of being worshiped. Allah describes himself with various names and attributes in the Qur'an, including the One, the eternally Alive, the Self-subsisting Source of all beings, the Incomparable, the Omnipotent, Omniscient, the Source of Peace, the Compassionate and the Merciful, etc.


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Nine Swords of Prophet Muhammad SAW(Part one)

1.Al Mat'thur

Swords of Prophet Muhammad SAW

also known as 'Al-Fijar Ma'thur' sword is owned by the Prophet Muhammad before he received the first revelation in Mecca. This sword was given by her father, and brought the time migrated from Mecca to Medina until it is given together with other war equipment to Ali ibn Abi Talib.

Now the sword is in the Topkapi Museum, Istanbul. Shaped blade with a length of 99 cm. The handle is made of gold with the shape of a snake with 2 emeralds and turquoise encrusted. There are close to the banister carved Kufic Arabic script reads: 'Abdallah bin Abd al-Mutalib'.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).

2.Al Adb
Swords of Prophet Muhammad SAW

Al-'Adb, the name of this sword, means "cut" or "sharp." The sword was sent to the companions of the Prophet Muhammad just before the Battle of Badr. He uses this sword in the Battle of Uhud and his pengikutnnya use this sword to show loyalty to the Prophet Muhammad.

Now the sword is in the Husayn mosque in Cairo, Egypt.

Photos taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf wa al-Apostles' uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).
3.Dhu Al Faqar
Swords of Prophet Muhammad SAW
Dhu Al Faqar is a sword of the Prophet Muhammad SAW as the seizure in time of war of Badr. And reported that the Prophet Muhammad gave this sword to Ali bin Abi Talib, who then return during the Battle of Uhud Ali bersimbah with blood from his hands and shoulders, with the Dhu Al Faqar in his hand. Many sources say that the sword belongs to Ali Bin Abi Talib and his family. Shaped blade with two points.

Photo taken by Muhammad Hasan Muhammad al-Tihami, Suyuf al-Rasul wa 'uddah harbi-hi (Cairo: Hijr, 1312/1992).


Islamic Names for Kids Collection

Children are a mandate for both parents. So, we as parents take responsibility for the mandate of God. Including the mandate is to provide a good name for a newborn child. Islam recommends that a newborn child was given a good name and good.

"Verily, ye shall be called the Day of Resurrection with your names and the names of your father. So good names you "(Narrated by Abu Dawud with a hasan isnaad)

In general, character, behavior and bad deeds lead to bad names as well. Conversely, good behavior leads to good names too. Surely the owner of a good name would be embarrassed by his name. That name will be motivated to act in accordance with the meaning of the name itself. He will leave something contrary to their name.

Here is the file that contains the names of the Islami for children. Files are compressed in *.doc form that consists of 1 files, size 81 KBytes


Quran Miracles - Reproduction

Today, we will be talking about a scientific fact, mentioned in the Quran, regarding the male reproductive system. It is important to point out that while the Quran is not a science textbook, many of the latest scientific discoveries that were revealed in Quranic passages 1400 years ago. This is in stark contrast with the Bible, which contains numerous scientific errors (due to corruption by the scribes: (Jer 8:8, Mat 5:20, 23:13). For example, regarding genetics, in Genesis 30:37-42, Jacob changes the characteristics of animal offspring by having their parents look at white stripes while mating.

We will examine the Quranic verse that describes the location of seminal fluid prior to being discharged.
Literal translation of Quran 86:6-7:
{ (Man is) created from gushing water (which) comes out from between the backbone * and the ribs *. }


Marriage of Prophet Muhammad & Aisha

Part 1

Part 2


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Ela-Salaty is a new Arabic program helps you to remember times of prayer. Also helps you to mention of God and has many other advantages. The new on this program that it has a modern beautiful interface, Grapping advices and news from internet by using RSS technology, support skins, downloadable Azan audios, control windows by add system commands before and after Azan. Ela-Salaty is quite differents from any program of the same category.

Ela-Salaty | size : 5 mb | Gender : Islamic


Pass : www.dl4all.com


Al-Jahiz Foundress of Zoology

Hundreds of years before Western biologists sparked various theories, like evolution, natural selection, the struggle to live (struggle for existence), and the food chain, al-Jahiz in the 9th century AD have been revealing.

Al-Jahiz. That Abu Uthman Amr Ibn al-Kinani Bahral-Fuqaimi often nicknamed al-Basri. He is a renowned Muslim scholar in 9th century AD Al-Jahiz is legendary all-around Muslim scholar who mastered Arabic literature, Islamic sciences, biology, grammar, history, psychology, rhetoric, and zoology.

Al-Jahiz''is the greatest scientist and author with stunning style in the 9th century AD,''praised the Western scientist, Christopher Dawson. Its action as the great poet has made the Western world admired him. ''He was one of the greatest prose writers in classical Arabic literary world,''said Bernard Lewis. Similar praise also disclosed HAR Gibb and Philip K. Hitti.


Islam 6.90 Software - Holy Quran Viewer With 36 Translations

Islam software is available on 12+more Holy Qur'an translations, with the search engine, printing options, praying times and animation. Program can load, search and display 1-4 Holy Qur'an translations at ones including original Arabic. "English - YusufAli" translation and "Arabic" as original text of the Holy Qur'an was included in the software.

When you were downloaded Holy Qur'an translation/s run the Islam software, click on the menu item "File / Option", then in the opened dialog box click on the "Install new translation" button and select downloaded Holy Qur'an translation *.tx_ file.

Islam 6.90 software - Holy Qur'an viewer with more than 28 Languages: Albanian - Arabic - Azerbaijani - Bosnian - Brazilian - Chinese - Dutch - Finish - French - German - Indonesian - Italian - Japanese - Korean - Latin - Malay - Mexican - Persian - Polish - Portuguese - Russian - Spanish - Swahili - Tamil - Thai - Turkish. Plus six other English Translations.


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Illicit Pig Wisdom

It is important to note, especially by our youth who often go to these countries of Europe and America, which makes pork as a staple food in their dishes.

On this occasion, I sitir back events that took place when Imam Muhammad 'Abduh visited France. They asked him about the secret Prohibition pig in Islam. They asked the priest, "You (Muslims) say that the pig is haraam, because he ate garbage containing tapeworm, microbes and other bacteria. It's now gone. Because pigs bred in modern farming, with guaranteed hygiene, and inadequate sterilization processes. How could the pigs were infected with tapeworms or bacteria and other microbes.? "

Imam Muhammad 'Abduh did not directly answer that question, and with the cleverness he asked them to bring the two roosters and one hen, and two pigs one male and female pigs.


Bukhari, Muslim, Malik, and Dawud Hadith Collection

This software is a collection of approximately 18,000 hadith from:
* Book Sahih Bukhari [more]
* Book Sahih Muslim [more]
* Book Malik's Muwatta [more]
* Most of Abu Dawud


Panorama Watch Makkah Inside ( Day Time )

Portable 3D Application!
Makkah is the place which captures the hearts of a billion Muslims all over the globe. It is the place where God's will was revealed to Muhammad, (peace be upon him), and it is now the location of the Holy Mosque and the scared Ka'ba. It is also the destination of millions of pilgrims and visitors and the holiest spot on earth.

God (called Allah in Arabic) has honored it in His Holy Book (Quran), in which it is given eleven different names, including: Makkah, Bakkah, Al-Balad Al-Amin, Al-Balad Al-Ameen, Al-Haram Al-Amain and Um-Al-Qura. God also refers to Makkah in several verses of the Holy Quran (also Koran) using other names, and has sworn on its name, thus giving a unique status unrivalled by any other city in the world.


The Holy Qoran


Password: www.dl4all.com


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The Muslim Woman And Her Husband

In Islam, marriage is a blessed contract between a man and a woman, in which each becomes, “permitted” to the other, and they begin the long journey of life in a spirit of love, cooperation, harmony and tolerance, where each feels at ease with the other, and finds tranquility, contentment and comfort in the company of the other. The Qur’an has described the relationship between men and women, which brings love, harmony, trust and compassion, in the most moving and eloquent terms:

(And among His Signs is this, that He created for you mates from among yourselves that you may dwell in tranquility with them, and He has put love and mercy between your [hearts]… (Noble Qur’an 30:21)


ablution procedures

Ablution is to purify ourselves from all the small hadast accordance with the rules of Islamic Shari'a.

Intention Ablution:

I intend to perform ablutions to remove small hadats because Allah, the Exalted.

Which may invalidate your ablution:
a. remove a substance from qubul (genitalia) and rectum (anus). For example urination, defecation, waste wind / fart and so forth.
b. lost consciousness because of fainting, epilepsy, trance, crazy, drunk, and others.
c. Contact with the opposite sex who is not strange without a cap.
d. sleep well, except sleep microstructure (micro sleep), sitting without changing position.

ablution procedures:
a. read mention the name
b. wash hands
c. ablution intention
d. rinse and dental membesihkan (3x)
e. wash the entire face / face to flat (between sea beard if any) (3x)
f. wash hands evenly hinnga elbow (3x the right first)
g. Hair wash the front to level (3x)
h. ear wash / ear hinnga evenly (3x right side first)
i. washed the feet to ankles until blended (3x right-first)
j. read the prayer after ablution



flash layout how to pray

Explaining about how to pray in accordance with the guidance of the Prophet SAW Based saheeh hadeeth that comes from him, people who want to pray after ablutions he should face the qibla, and intentions in our hearts and takbiratul ihram with raised hands parallel to the ear or a shoulder, then read a prayer iftitah and reciting al Fatihah and beyond.

Link Download
*Prayer beginners
*Prayer Advance


Pocket Islam v7.0 for PPC

Make your Pocket PC The ultimate Islamic resource tool. Pocket Islam is designed to support (Pocket PC/Windows Mobile) the following devices: Pocket PC 2000, Pocket PC 2002, Pocket PC 2003, WM 5.0 and WM 6.0

Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil, English translation and recitation. Now you can listen while you are reading. Or listen while you are driving. Athan and recitation before the Athan even when the device is off. Also, This software contains Hadith in Arabic, Prayer table, Prayer schedule , Hijri Calendar and Hijri to Georgian conversion, Qibla according to your location and position of the sun. Furthermore, it contains lunar calendar, moon age and Islamic Holidays Added to your calendar. Finally, it support Today Screen plugging display to display the prayer time and date in Hijri and to control the Azan voice. Enjoy it and please give us your feedback for improvements.

* Quran recitation (MP3).
* Athan.
* Arabic Holy Quran with tashkil (Othmanic Font to match the Paper Book).
* Multiple Language Translation.
* Hadith in Arabic (Sahih Bukhari, Muslim, Ibn Maja, etc..)
* Tafseer Ibn Katheer
* Prayer table.
* Prayer schedule.
* Qibla.
* Moon data.
* Hijri calendar.
* Islamic events & Holidays.
* Today Screen.


Don't Be Sad (La Tahzan_english version) Aaidh ElQarni

Don't Be Sad (La Tahzan_english version) Aaidh ElQarni is an absolute must-read for all people. It is full of practical advice on how to replace it with a pragmatic and ultimately satisfying Islamic outlook on life. It exposes to the modern reader how Islam teaches us to deal with the tests and tribulations of this world. So, take heart and hold firmly onto the rope of Allah.

PDF | 476 Pages | English | 15 MB



Science and Islam

Science and Islam provides a detailed account of the relationship between Islam and science from the emergence of the Islamic scientific tradition in the eighth century to the present time. This relationship has gone through three distinct phases. The first phase began with the emergence of science in the Islamic civilization in the eighth century and ended with the rise of modern science in the West; the second period is characterized by the arrival of modern science in the Muslim world, most of which at that time was under colonial occupation; and the third period, which began around 1950, is characterized by a more mature approach to the major questions that modern science has posed for all religious traditions. 

Based on primary sources, the book presents a panorama of Islamic views on some of the major issues in the current science and religion discourse. Written in accessible language, Science and Islam is an authentic account of the multi-faceted and complex issues that arise at the interface of Islamic intellectual tradition and science. Rich in historical details, the book is a fascinating survey of the interaction of Islamic beliefs with the enterprise of science. 

Muzaffar Iqbal | Greenwood Press | 2007-03-30 | ISBN: 0313335761 | 272 pages | PDF | 7,1 MB



Juz 'Amma Player

A Freeware from Wawan Sjachriyanto


Reading program that presents Juz Amma (Juz of the Quran to-30) are equipped murottal Arabic writing and the Indonesian translation of the Ministry of Religious Affairs of the Republic of Indonesia and the UK.

Link Download [4.3 MB]



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