Saturday, April 17, 2010

Islamic Economics - A Short History

Ahmed A.F. El-Ashker & Rodney Wilson, "Islamic Economics - A Short History"
Leiden-Boston | ISBN-13: 978-90-04-15134-5 | 450 Pages | Pdf | 2,2 Mb

Comparing the often sorry reality of the present day Islamic World with the Islamic World of yesterday with its many achievements, when Muslim governments were powerful and setbacks less disasterous, provides us, with the benefit of hindsight, rich empirical evidence and lessons to derive conclusions from. Historical evidence should be treated with caution however, as history has inherent distortions when it comes to extracting evidence, as the prevailing conditions of the past may differ from those dominant in the present. 
History contains useful lessons to be learned, however, providing that this be received with an examining mind and an inquisitive attitude. In Islamic economics, historical examination can tell us that the Islamic system per se has the capability of providing an operational norm and the workable model, as long as the surrounding environment was helpful. As the present is an unbroken chain with the past, it is, in a similar historical fashion, a continual link with the future. And Islamic economics, in a historical sense, is no exception.



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