Sunday, April 11, 2010

Islamic Names for Kids Collection

Children are a mandate for both parents. So, we as parents take responsibility for the mandate of God. Including the mandate is to provide a good name for a newborn child. Islam recommends that a newborn child was given a good name and good.

"Verily, ye shall be called the Day of Resurrection with your names and the names of your father. So good names you "(Narrated by Abu Dawud with a hasan isnaad)

In general, character, behavior and bad deeds lead to bad names as well. Conversely, good behavior leads to good names too. Surely the owner of a good name would be embarrassed by his name. That name will be motivated to act in accordance with the meaning of the name itself. He will leave something contrary to their name.

Here is the file that contains the names of the Islami for children. Files are compressed in *.doc form that consists of 1 files, size 81 KBytes



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