Friday, April 9, 2010

Illicit Pig Wisdom

It is important to note, especially by our youth who often go to these countries of Europe and America, which makes pork as a staple food in their dishes.

On this occasion, I sitir back events that took place when Imam Muhammad 'Abduh visited France. They asked him about the secret Prohibition pig in Islam. They asked the priest, "You (Muslims) say that the pig is haraam, because he ate garbage containing tapeworm, microbes and other bacteria. It's now gone. Because pigs bred in modern farming, with guaranteed hygiene, and inadequate sterilization processes. How could the pigs were infected with tapeworms or bacteria and other microbes.? "

Imam Muhammad 'Abduh did not directly answer that question, and with the cleverness he asked them to bring the two roosters and one hen, and two pigs one male and female pigs.

Knowing this, they asked, "What's all this?" He replied, "Fulfill what I asked, then I'll show you a secret."

They fulfill what he pleaded. Then he ordered the release of two roosters together one hens in one cage. The two roosters were fighting and killing each other, to get the hens for himself, until one of them almost died. He then ordered that both the chicken coop.

Then he ordered them to remove the two male pigs together with a female pig. This time they witness the weirdness. Boar which one helps his fellow males to perform sexual intent, without jealousy, without pride or desire to keep the sow from her friend.

After that, she said, "Gentlemen, pork kill 'ghirah' people who eat them. That's what happened to you. A man of you saw his wife with another man, and left him without jealousy, and a father of you saw her daughter with a foreign man, and you let him without jealousy, and anxiety, because it spread the pork on their properties people who eat them. "

Then he gives an excellent example of Islamic Shari'a. Namely Islam forbids several types of livestock and poultry that roam around us, who ate his own feces. Sharia ordered for people who want enyembelih chicken, duck or goose who ate his own feces in order to lock him in three days, feeding him and paying attention to what was consumed by the animal. Until the net belly of dirt that contains bacteria and microbes. Because this disease will be passed to humans, without being noticed and felt by people who eat them.

That is the law of God, as God's wisdom.

Modern science has revealed many of the diseases caused by eating pork. Part of it is mentioned by Dr. Murad Hoffman, a German Muslim, in his book "Tribulation Thought: German Muslim Diaries", page 130-131:
"Eating pork worm infected pigs not only dangerous, but can also cause increase the amount of cholesterol and slow the process of decomposition of proteins in the body, resulting in the possibility of colon cancer, skin irritation, eczema, and rheumatism. Did not we already know, viruses are dangerous to live and thrive in the summer because of a medium pig? "

Dr. Muhammad Abdul Khair, in his book at Ijtihâdât fi Tafsir al Qur'an al Karim,
page 112, mentions some of the diseases caused by pork meat: "Meat contains the seeds of pork tapeworm, and worms trachenea lolipia. These worms will be passed to humans who consume meat pigs. It is noteworthy, until recently, generation of swine has not been liberated from these worms. Other diseases that are transmitted by a lot of pork, including:

1st. Swine cholera. That is a dangerous disease caused by virus
2. Miscarriage of pus, caused by bacteria prosillia pigs.
3. Skin redness, a fierce and protracted. The first can cause death in some cases, and the second cause joint disorders.
4. Peels disease.
5. Eskares parasite, which is harmful to humans.

The following facts are enough to make someone to get away from the pig:

1st. The pig is the animal that greed is unmatched in other animals eat. He ate all the food in front of him. If the stomach is full or the food had expired, he would regurgitate the contents of his stomach and eat it again, to satisfy greed. He will not stop eating, even eat vomit.
2. He ate all of which can be eaten in front of him. Ate dirt anything in front of him, whether human sewage, animal or plant, even eat their own dung, until there is nothing left to eat in front of him.
3. He peed on kotoranya and eat when they're in front of him, then eat it again.
4. He was eating garbage, rotten-busukan, and dung.
5. He was the only mammals that eat the soil, eat it in large quantities and for a long time, if left unchecked.
6. People who ate pork skin will remove this smell.
7. Modern scientific research in the two Eastern and Western countries, namely China and Sweden-China pagan majority, while Sweden's predominantly secular states: pork is a major cause of rectal and colon cancer. The percentage of patients with this disease in countries whose inhabitants eat pigs, has increased drastically. Especially in the countries of Europe, and America, as well as in Asian countries (like China and India). Meanwhile in Islamic countries, the percentage is very low, approximately 1 / 1000. The results of this study was published in 1986, the Annual World Conference on Tools Digestive Diseases, held in Sao Paulo.

Now we know how great wisdom God forbid meat and lard. For
known, pengharaman not only pork, but also all the processed food with pork fat, such as some types of candy and chocolate, also some type of bread topped with pork fat poured. In conclusion, all the things that use animal fats should be considered before eaten. We do not eat it but after making sure that food does not contain pork fat or oil, so we do not fall into disobedience against God Almighty, and not affected by the underlying dangers of Allah forbid meat and lard.



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