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Know Islamic War Ship Type

Along the development of navigation technology, shipbuilding technology was growing rapidly in the Islamic world. Technology is shipping the world's largest industrial power in the Middle Ages. At that time, Muslims have so many ports are crowded and dense.

And along the coastal cities of Islam many centers established manufacturing and assembly ship. Every Muslim country with a model ship and create different types. In addition to creating the vessel for purposes of trade, in this era of Muslims are also aggressively making warships.

Warship built to strengthen the Islamic Caliphate territory defense in the ocean. Thus, when the Islamic Caliphate was not only tough on the ground, but also strong in the ocean. So difficult to beat. More streamlined warships designed and controlled by the screen or paddle. Meanwhile, commercial ships built with sufficient width.

The design of such a ship can be deliberately created in order to bring goods in large numbers. In those days, most large warship capable of accommodating about 1,500 troops. Whereas a large merchant ship can accommodate 1,000 tons of goods.

According to Al-Hassan and Hill, at first warships were made in Egypt and Syria by experts shipbuilders topnotch. Construction of the ship made the same with ships built by the Byzantine navy. "The sailors were recruited from the local population, but the soldiers who supervise them are Arabs," explained Al-Hassan and Hill.

Over time, the shipping world increasingly advanced. Even the manufacture of ships and naval equipment as a whole into the eyes of the people of Islam at the time. As a result, Muslims became an expert in both branches of expertise related to the marine's. They are listed to make some important progress. Large ships capable they produce. Even they design such a large warship shini, large ships (Galley) 143 driven by oars.

In the year 326 AH (972 AD), explained Al-Hassan and Hill, the Caliph of Allah Din Dynasty Mu'izz Fathimiyyah become leaders in the manufacture of 600 ships shipyards Maqs in Egypt. One other large ships buttasa type, a sailing vessel that can sustain as many as 40 screens. "One of the ships of this type make a record with the ability to contain 1500 people, including crew and soldiers," said Al-Hasaan and Hill.

As for other types of vessels are Ghurab (literally means crow). So called perhaps based on the prow of the ship. Other species are shallandi ship, ships with large deck that is used to carry loads. Two of the ship's name came to Europe, even into the vocabulary of European languages and turned into corvett and challand.

Muslims are also able to build ships qurqura type , namely Cyprus, the large ship to carry the needs of the fleet. They also created several small boats that are designed for specific purposes, such as vessel for the supply of goods and weapons, communication from ship to ship to the shore, reconnaissance ships, and ships to pengeran and capture the enemy. "Most of the ship was rowed, but shubbak (Mediterranean fishing boats) has in addition to oars equipped also with a number of screens," said Al-Hassan and Hill.

Type of larger vessels could be used to bring the shooter missions and machines to remove the explosives and also to bring the crew members are skilled. As yet sophisticated shipping technology, naval battles took place in the distance. However, in its development, all ships equipped with grappling hook to close the outskirts of the enemy hull, so many battles in the end is determined by face-to-face fighting between the crews and sailors who were fighting



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